David Linden

Mr. Linden has been Chief Financial Officer for the practice since its inception. His expertise in accounting, medical office management, and business development has allowed the practice to continue to grow over the ensuing years. Mr. Linden graduated from C.W. Post College School of Business with a B.S. degree in Accounting. His business experience has been diverse. He has been employed by such entities as CPA firms, manufacturing, service industries, and banking institutions. In addition, he has had Wall Street experience which has afforded him the opportunity to interact with the Securities and Exchange Commission during quarterly and annual reporting periods. This experience combined with his employment by numerous CPA firms has provided Mr. Linden with unique skills in managing the multifaceted business requirements of a large cardiology practice. Mr. Linden is also highly experienced in office management and has served as office manager for Bartzokis, Rubenstein & Servoss, M.D., P.L.

Mr. Linden’s contributions to the practice have afforded the physicians the opportunity to maximize their efforts in patient care rather than business management. In addition to this, Mr. Linden somehow finds time to continue playing softball, traveling with his wife Arlene of over 40 years, and visiting with his two adult children. He currently resides in South Florida where he has lived since 1989, and he has been a vital contributor to the local community.